13. July 2015

Masterpiece in soldering technology

Intersolar USA 2015: Innovation of M10 Industries AG

Multi-tray stringer solders up to 5000 solar cells per hour

From the 14th to the 16th of July M10 Industries AG in Freiburg Germany, is presenting “Kubus”, its newly developed multi-tray stringer (1st Level, Booth 7728) at the Intersolar North America 2015 in San Francisco, the most attended solar exhibition in the USA. The patent pending, high performance stringer will be presented to the public by means of a 3D simulation. The benefits will be clearly visible: decoupled processes guarantee uninterrupted production and an output of up to 5000 cells per hour “The enormous performance levels of Kubus enable modules to be produced at 45 second intervals”, explains Gregor Reddemann, founder and CEO of M10 Industries AG, who will be present in San Francisco.

Up to 80 modules per hour can be manufactured by means of the new multi-tray stringer – this means at least three times as many as with previous stringers. Günter Schneidereit, founder and majority shareholder of M10 Industries AG, emphasizes that: “This performance is absolutely unique in the module manufacturing sector”. “Kubus” can also be flexibly applied. “It was designed for soldering cells with up to five busbar”, says Reinhard Willi, likewise founder and majority shareholder.

The new “Kubus” stringer solders up to six solar cells side by side to form a complete cell matrix for photovoltaic modules. For this purpose the cells are transported on tooling plates – referred to as socalled “trays”. Up to now only single “strings” have been generated which have to be placed by side by side in a module. This step of the process can be entirely omitted with “Kubus” – and therefore also the risk of cell breakage.

The biggest problem for module manufacturers is a lack of space and manpower – this is precisely where the new multi-tray stringer is able to provide what the industry requires: “Kubus” can be operated by a single staff member and by taking up 90 square meters it does not require more space than previous stringers, despite its far higher performance. “We are very excited to see what the response is to our new high performance stringer in Asia”, says Reddemann. “Our launch in Europe a few months ago has already aroused considerable interest – currently we are conducting intensive tests with materials from various customers at our facility in Freiburg”.

PR Masterpiece in soldering technology

Intersolar USA 2015: Innovation of M10 Industries AG