Convincing for industrial automation

M10 Industries AG has specialized in highly efficient and value-adding automation solutions. Here are the individual customer requirements as well as increasing effectiveness in the foreground. The respective problems and customer requests can be dealt with in detail. If Robots, grippers, conveying, testing, sorting and much more, we build your machines according to your requirements. The entire process takes place from Offer over the construction, up to the assembly and commissioning, in our house. This enables us to implement your project efficiently and in a customer-oriented manner. Documentation, aftersales and service are important to us!

We would be happy to support you with your production system. It doesn’t matter whether we built it ourselves or not.

Well positioned for the future & continuously successful since 1996

M10 Industries AG has brought together personalities with impressive specialist knowledge – the best prerequisites for being able to give our customers answers for tomorrow’s questions today.

In the mid-90s, Reinhard Willi and Gunter Schneidereit founded the company W & S Maschinenbau. By developing the first high-speed Soldering machine for the Solar-Fabrik founder, Georg Salvamoser, the two machine builders set standards in the automation of the solar industry. After Founding of the company Somont, which produced the machines and marketed them worldwide, the group of companies quickly developed into the world market leader for Photovoltaic soldering machines.

Experience as the basis of a great idea

Ingenuity and entrepreneurship cannot be stopped. With M10 Industries AG, the pioneers of yore made a name for themselves through the successful optimization of photovoltaic production. The new generation of machines largely meets industrial standards through maximum performance and high economic efficiency. In this way, M10 Industries AG can already make a future-oriented contribution to your company.