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Come and get involved in the new adventure: it brings a whole new perspective, economically and aesthetically on PV architecture. Photovoltaics is fun again!

M10 Shingle Matrix Technology – A quantum leap for your PV module production

M10 Industries AG, the pioneer in automated module production, presents a new production technology for connecting solar cells: The M10 Shingle Matrix Technology. This innovative solar cell stringer machine enables the manufacture of PV modules without intercell gaps, uniform surface design and optimum efficiency.

  • Silicon cells are cut into narrow strips (shingles).
  • Shingles overlap along the longitudinal edge and are connected by mechanically flexible and electrically conductive adhesive (ECA).
  • Staggered cell arrangement with masonry pattern (matrix).


  • Maximum electrical use of module surface.
  • High performance on the field even with partial shading of the modules.
  • Ability to design modules in almost any size.
  • Easy change of the module design with modest effort.
  • Almost all crystalline cells, whether coloured or not, can be processed.
  • Up to 6% higher module efficiency compared to conventional half-cell modules
  • Up to 190% higher efficiency in partial shading scenarios
  • 100% lead-free cell-connection

The M10 Shingle Matrix Technology was developed by M10 Industries in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE within the framework of the “Shirkan” project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) (funding code 03EE1026B).

Ready to perform

  • The connection technology is able to process up to 12’000 cells per hour.
  • The manufacturing costs of Shingle matrix modules are comparable to those with conventional soldered connections.

If we have tickled your interest and you would like to receive more information about this innovation, please contact Michael Kroeffges at

Target groups

  • Module manufacturers
  • Façade manufacturers
  • Energy service providers
  • Real estate
  • automotive industry
  • Architects
  • Planers
  • Deisgners