23. February 2017

Double awarded: M10 receives Innovation award and climate protection honor of the city of Freiburg

Innovation award for the high performance stringer Kubus / Honouring for the expansion of the photovoltaic modules on the M10 Solar-Campus

Freiburg, 22.02.2017. The company group M10 Industries AG has twice reason to rejoice: On February 16th the technology foundation BioMed Freiburg has awarded the young company with the Innovation Award 2017 in the premises of Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau. Furthermore the company has been honored by the city of Freiburg two days after on the Getec exhibition within the climate protection award “Climate first”. “We are glad and thankful for the awards of our hometown Freiburg which prove our innovative technology in the machine construction and our efforts for the climate protection in the region.” say Gregor Reddemann and Günter Schneidereit, both CEO of M10 Industries. M10 Industries developed the high performance tabber stringer Kubus which is the fastest in the world, specialized for efficient industrial mass production of photovoltaic modules. On the facilities of M10, M10 Solar-Campus (former Solar-Fabrik), Modules of M10’s subsidiary SI Module have been installed with a capacity of 220 kWp.

Technology foundation BioMed Freiburg: „Outstanding Innovation“

The in 2011 founded company M10 Industries AG and its subsidiary SI Module GmbH can look back to over 20 years of experience in the photovoltaic branch. Both companies are based on the M10 Solar-Campus in Freiburg in the industrial area Haid. Bernd Dallmann, member of the Board of Technology foundation and Director of the Freiburg Wirtschaft und Tourismus (FWTM), paid tribute to the long-standing commitment of the Freiburg Solar-pioneers Günter Schneidereit and Reinhard Willi on 16 February: “The M10 AG is with its Innovation Kubus is a bright picture of the German solar industry and an icon for green city Freiburg.”

For a successful energy conversion it is necessary that regenerative energies such as solar power become cheaper. The awarded high-performance Tabber stringer Kubus contributes to this because the production costs for photovoltaic modules are significantly reduced due to its unique uninterrupted production and its high performance. In addition, material can be saved because the copper semiconductors (Ribbon) required for soldering are used extremely efficiently. M10 Industries is one of five companies that received the Freiburg Innovation award from 26 submitted applications.

Recognition of the city of Freiburg: “Exemplary commitment to business climate protection”

Within the scope of the event for the Freiburg environmental awards during the trade fair Gebäude.Energie.Technik (Getec) on 18 February, the M10 Industries has received recognition from the city of Freiburg for its commitment to climate protection. With its company headquarters M10 Solar Campus – the former Solar-Fabrik – it has applied for the award, which has been equipped with building-integrated photovoltaics on roofs and facades. The systems have been extensively modernized and expanded – with solar modules from the M10 subsidiary SI Module, which specializes in building integrated photovoltaics.

The performance of all photovoltaic systems in the M10 Solar Campus is approx. 220 kWp. Around 200.000 kilowatt hours of solar power are generated each year – equivalent to about 70 percent of the energy required for production and administration, which can be used in the buildings themselves. The contribution to climate protection is enormous: 138 tons of carbon dioxide are saved annually. This commitment to regenerative energies has been rated as exemplary for other industrial companies and has therefore received recognition from the jury. “The M10 Solar Campus demonstrates how aesthetic and efficient building-integrated photovoltaics are and how climate protection can be integrated into the energy concept of an industrial enterprise,” emphasize the award winners Reddemann and Schneidereit.

Freiburger Innovation award 2017, 16. February in the premises of Sparkasse Freiburg Nördlicher Freiburg © BioMed Freiburg

f.l.t.r. : Christoph Gerber (Stryker), Günter Schneidereit and Gregor Reddemann (M10 Industries AG), Dr. Bernd Dallmann (BioMed), Michael Vermöhlen (Stryker)