Excellently positioned for the future

Continuously successful since 1996: M10 Industries has brought together personalities with impressive expertise – the best prerequisite for giving our customers answers to tomorrow’s questions today.

A corporate group with a history

In the mid-nineties, Reinhard Willi and Günter Schneidereit founded W&S Maschinenbau. Through the development of the first high-speed soldering machine for the founder of Solar Fabrik, Georg Salvamoser, the two mechanical engineers set standards in solar industry automation. After founding another company by the name of Somont, which was responsible for producing the machines and marketing these worldwide, the corporate group rapidly turned into a global market leader for photovoltaic soldering machines.

Experience as the basis for a great idea

Inventive talent and entrepreneurship are unstoppable. By means of M10 Industries, the pioneers of yesterday went in pursuit of the optimization of soldering technology for crystalline solar cells, together with their partner Gregor Reddemann – with great success: KUBUS, the new generation of machines is able to meet industrial standards through maximum performance levels and economic efficiency. This means that M10 Industries can make a valuable contribution to the future sustainability of your business.