16. December 2014

Top-level performance: up to 5,000 solar cells per hour

M10 Industries AG launches new Multi-Tray-Stringer “Kubus”

Optimised soldering technology revolutionises the solar industry

M10 Industries, based in Freiburg in the south of Germany, has set new standards with its newly developed Multi-Tray-Stringer “Kubus”: the new “Kubus” is the only stringer worldwide which is able to solder up to 5,000 solar cells per hour. Photovoltaic modules can be manufactured at 45-second intervals, due to the stringer’s enormously high productivity. The founders of M10 Industries AG, Günter Schneidereit, Reinhard Willi and Gregor Reddemann point out that: “Our new generation of stringers is particularly interesting for the major module manufacturers in the solar industry. By means of “Kubus”, we can guarantee maximum performance on minimum floor space and significantly reduce downtimes”. The high-performance machine is available to the solar industry since the beginning of this month.

The core of module manufacturing

The Multi-Tray-Stringer “Kubus” connects individual solar cells to form a complete cell matrix for photovoltaic modules in one single manufacturing process. Up to six side-by-side “strings” are simultaneously placed onto trays for modules with, for instance, 60 cells. Previous machines generate strings which have to be indi-vidually placed onto the modules. “With “Kubus” this step is no longer necessary – which is a benefit, since the risk of cell damage is prevented”, say Schneidereit and Willi. The two founders and principal shareholders of M10 Industries devel-oped the first high-speed stringer in the mid-nineties and consequently became global market leaders. Now they want to top their previous success with the new “Kubus”: “Our dream of developing a machine that outshines all previous string-ers has now come true.”

Maximum productivity on minimum floor space

Only one person is required to operate “Kubus” – and furthermore, operation is exceptionally simple. In contrast to a high output of 5,000 cells per hour, a com-paratively small surface area of approximately 90 square metres is required. With “Kubus” approximately 80 standard modules can be manufactured per hour in a single production line. In comparison: stringers currently available on the market provide an output of 20 – 25 modules during manufacturing. “Therefore we are the first solar equipment manufacturer to succeed in adapting mechanical cell soldering in order to meet major industrial standards”, explains Reddemann, CEO of M10 Industries. At the same time “Kubus” does not require more space than previous stringers when these are replaced in the production line – a tre-mendous benefit in manufacturing modernisation.

Increased cost effectiveness and safety

“Kubus” is currently considered to be the most advanced multi-tray-stringer on the global market. It provides more cost effectiveness within a business, since manufacturing can continue uninterrupted during maintenance. Installation and maintenance are simplified thanks to its modular design. Furthermore, ribbons can be exchanged at any time without interrupting ongoing production. A 24-hour standby service reduces downtimes, and therefore also costs, to a minimum. Trained stand-by technicians, who are familiar with the operation of the facility, are available to assist customers at any time.

Application-oriented development

M10 Industries stands for application-oriented development in photovoltaics with a concrete objective: more efficiency through maximum performance levels. Par-ticular attention was paid to the optimisation of soldering technology for crystal-line solar cells. A team of experienced engineers and highly-qualified technicians takes care of construction, programming and service. Gregor Reddemann em-phasizes that: “Today’s PV industry requires efficient as well as reliable systems which are technologically manageable”.

PR Top-level performance: up to 5,000 solar cells per hour

M 10 Industries AG launches new Multi-Tray-Stringer “Kubus”